Liz Gridley is a freelance graphic designer, she is currently available for new projects and can be contacted via email:

Past work detailed below includes print and web media including but not limited to: Logo creation, Style guide development, print file production such as flyers, brochures, booklets, business cards, stationary, photo retouching and enhancement and web media creation. Skilled at the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products Liz is happy to discuss any new project via email, phone or skype to find the best solution for your needs.

East Coast Aesthetic Medicine

East Coast Aesthetic Medicine, headed by Dr Andrew Haig and Alison Haig set to create new branding material that was dynamic, fresh for their prospective clients. Working from multiple influences, the brand developed to create outcomes such as flyers, logos, stationary and business cards.   EAST COAST AESTHETIC MEDICINE are based in Gippsland, Victoria. phone:… Continue reading East Coast Aesthetic Medicine

Logo Development

Logo development is tapered to the needs, wants, budget and complexities requested by the client. Below are some examples of past work and development stages, all work is created as vector files, therefore re-scaling loses no resolution across print and web mediums. Various examples of logo development here include business’ such as: FEATHER FINISH PHOTOGRAPHY… Continue reading Logo Development

Mannagum Outdoors

Mannagum was established in early 2011 by Peter and Angela Debenham under the umbrella of their family company, Debenham International. Mannagum outdoor products are a reflection of Peter & Angela’s extensive camping experiences as well as Peter’s 35 years of experience in the camping industry. During this period he has been extensively involved in the… Continue reading Mannagum Outdoors

Aquinas College

Liz Gridley worked full time for Aquinas College as an on staff graphic designer from 2007-2011, due to the privacy conditions of working with student images only a small portion of work can be displayed here. Aquinas College is inspired by Gospel values and mindful of Catholic identity, their Vision is to ignite the fire… Continue reading Aquinas College

Ambivalent Overlord Games

Australian Independent board games company, Ambivalent Overlord Games was founded in 2012 by game designer Ben Hughes with the crowdfunded strategy game ‘Zombies, Aliens & Monsters (oh my!)’ Ambivalent Overlord Games – Facebook Page Ambivalent Overlord Games – Boardgame Geek After the original game artist had to drop out Liz Gridley was brought on and… Continue reading Ambivalent Overlord Games

Rhiannon Irons – Author

Rhiannon Irons is an Australian Horror and Erotic author based in Queensland. Her short stories and reviews are reminiscent of urban legends and campfire horror to make you skin tingle – or the secret erotic novels hidden under your parents bed. Liz Gridley has completed two collections of works which act as ‘headers’ for Irons’… Continue reading Rhiannon Irons – Author

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