Past Work


If you would like to discuss a new painting  or sculpture commission please contact by email: Titles and dates have been left off this gallery to aid clients privacy – please contact for more details.        


An unknown model, through the lens of a third party allows the artist to develop a new relationship with this person apart from normal interaction. 20+ hours in painting time develops the personality and character of the model through intense scrutiny and presents this new identity to an audience to relate to. 2017 – Model… Continue reading 2016-2017 – REMOTE PORTRAITS

2017-2018 – OVERHEAD

  2017 – They Fall oil on MDF with rotating mechanism. 740mm x 740mm ‘They Fall’ was a finalist in the fortyfivedownstairs gallery ‘2017 Emerging Artist Award’ ‘They Fall’ won the ‘Most Memorable Award’ at the 2017 ‘Peculiar Portraits Arts Prize’, exhibited at the Union Club Fitzroy. 2017 – Look 1, 2, 3 oil on… Continue reading 2017-2018 – OVERHEAD

2017 – BLACK & WHITE

Analysing making marks, and new painting grounds. Practising traditional still life arrangements with portraiture and life drawing. 2017 – The Cat and the Cocktail Oil paint on aluminium 8 x 10 inches *Sold 2017 – Still Life ‘Would you like a drink?’ Oil painting (with chalk and charcoal) on aluminium 40 x 50cm 2017 –… Continue reading 2017 – BLACK & WHITE


Developing colour languages without the figure – sky scapes and fantasy spaces disturbing by geometric interruptions. 2016 – orange sky oil on mdf 740mm x 740mm 2016 – galaxy oil on masonite 350mm x 250mm framed. 2016 – oval sky oil on canvas 800mm x 560mm 2016 – nebula and clouds oil on canvas 120mm… Continue reading 2016 – CLOUD GEOMETRICS


  Developing colour on large scale, working on reclaimed wood that adds to the dialogue of the figure. 2014 – Tabletop oil on pine 200cm diameter

2013-2014 – COMPOSITIONS

Pushing the paint further with colour and compositions of the figure – more planning into the images and removing the ‘portrait’ elements (such as the eyes) furthering the object nature of the painterly bodies. Composition 1 – 2013 oil on MDF Approximately 1500mm x 700mm Composition 2 – 2013-2014 oil on MDF Approximately 1300mm x… Continue reading 2013-2014 – COMPOSITIONS

2011-2012 – PURSUIT

“Using the visual image of the body Liz Gridley’s work builds a dialogue with the audience perception of ‘self’ and ‘other’, allowing space for introspection and shared considerations of flesh both physically and psychologically. The uncanny predicament – the line between arousal and dread, attraction and repulsion is one that (she) finds particularly interesting in… Continue reading 2011-2012 – PURSUIT

2011 – CLUTCH

Working with a bandsaw and background elements to ‘break’ the figure out of the pictorial plane, into the gallery space. Clutch – 2011 oil and acrylic on MDF 600mm x 400mm Clutch 2 – 2011 oil and acrylic on MDF 500mm x 500mm Clutch 3 – 2011 oil and acrylic on MDF 500mm x 1000mm

2012-2015 – HANDS

Hand paintings have been a recurring subject, both in their technical complexity of colour and internal anatomy – and their ability to gesture/create communication. Shush 1 + 2 – 2013-14 oil and acrylic on MDF 300mm x 300mm each Published in Archer magazine – The Australian Journal of sexual diversity (Issue 3)   Shadow animals… Continue reading 2012-2015 – HANDS


Manipulate, distort and un-anatomise the head. With no structure internally the head bent like fabric and could be pinched by pegs and tape into different folds, creases and bends. I sprayed these two with matt enamel spray to give a more tactile finish to the heads and lose the grey mottled plaster look. The drawings… Continue reading 2011 – MANNEQUIN

2010-2011 – SEE

See – 2010 Oil, Acrylic and Resin on MDF 2000mm x 3000mm Sold Winner of 2010 Tolarno Hotel Painting Prize ($1000) Now on display in the Tolarno Hotel St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia.   See 2.1 and 2.2 – 2011 Oil, Acrylic and Resin on MDF 1000mm x 600mm Not for Sale. See 2.1 and 2.2… Continue reading 2010-2011 – SEE