2011-2012 – PURSUIT

“Using the visual image of the body Liz Gridley’s work builds a dialogue with the audience perception of ‘self’ and ‘other’, allowing space for introspection and shared considerations of flesh both physically and psychologically.

The uncanny predicament – the line between arousal and dread, attraction and repulsion is one that (she) finds particularly interesting in relation to the body. Gridleys figures are coloured in high contrast configurations and cut into fragmented pieces through cropping, negative silhouettes and integration with the gallery wall. Questions regarding the totality of the body, organ and limb replacement, the cyborg and body ‘purity’ are evoked. Gridleys figures aim to intimidate, confront, romance and capture.”



Pursuit – Orientation 1 – 2011
oil on MDF
Various sizes.


Pursuit – Orientation 2 – 2011
oil on MDF
Various Sizes.
2011 exhibition ‘Counterfeits: the end/the beginning’ Switchback Gallery in Churchill, VIC. 16th November – 1 March 2012
Liz Gridley was awarded the 2012 Latrobe Regional Gallery Emerging Artist Award

Pursuit – Orientation 3 – 2012
oil on MDF
Various sizes.
2012 ArcYinnar ‘Tactile Perception: Experimenting with flesh’ 21st September to 31st October 2012. Yinnar, VIC.

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