Manipulate, distort and un-anatomise the head.

With no structure internally the head bent like fabric and could be pinched by pegs and tape into different folds, creases and bends. I sprayed these two with matt enamel spray to give a more tactile finish to the heads and lose the grey mottled plaster look. The drawings allowed a further study of light on the new forms.

Mannequin 1 + 2 – 2011
Plaster, spray matt enamel, graphite, paper, shelf (MDF and lino)
200mm x 200mm each + A2 paper

Mannequin 3 – 2011
Plaster and fabric
Various Sizes
Not for Sale.

Mannequin 1+2 were exhibited in:
THE REST IS SILENCE – Exhibition and Book
opening 6pm on Tuesday 8 November 2011.

‘The exhibitions title “The rest is silence”, are the dramatic last words uttered by Hamlet in the final act of Shakespeare’s celebrated play, and perchance apropos for DEATH BE KIND’s concluding show to an eighteen month program of curated exhibitions about death by Claire Lambe and Elvis Richardson.

While the subject of death as an enduring theme in art and culture will never rest in peace, has death’s iconic poster child – the skull, become disoriented as the established signifier of human mortality? The skull can be found adorning a child’s flannelette pyjama set, or shaped into a glass bong, or encrusted with diamonds by a famous artist, but can we see past the cliché and still respect the message?

“The rest is silence” exhibition has been conceived to create a mass object of skulls as an experiential installation where the gallery space becomes a catacomb or a funerial skull cave if you will. Accompanying the exhibition is a printed book that captions the stories behind the skulls and celebrates and critiques the proliferation of skulls in contemporary art and culture.

Perhaps this very plethora of skulls is necessary in our contemporary lives to iterate the reminder, ‘life is finite’. Maybe the skull is in concert with the white noise of environmental, economic and social crisis and damage that auto tune the soundtrack of our everyday lives.

And death is a certainty in all our lives; as soon as we are born we are capable of dying. DEATH BE KIND gallery project has collected together ideas, memories, fears, humour and hope to explore the rich relationships between art and death’

– Death Be Kind

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