2017 – BLACK & WHITE

Analysing making marks, and new painting grounds. Practising traditional still life arrangements with portraiture and life drawing.

2017 – The Cat and the Cocktail
Oil paint on aluminium
8 x 10 inches

2017 – Still Life ‘Would you like a drink?’
Oil painting (with chalk and charcoal) on aluminium
40 x 50cm

2017 – Nude One and Two
Oil painting on aluminium
8 x 8 inch (each)

2017 – Portraits
Oil painting on aluminium
9cm x 15cm (each)


  • ‘Still Life: ‘Would you like a drink?’ was part of Winning 1st in the ‘Body of Work’ Major division in the Graeme Hildebrand Foundation Prize 2017. On show at the Red Gallery, Fitzroy October 12th-29th.