Unheimlich or ‘the uncanny’
“Sigmund Freud defined uncanny sensations as resulting from ‘a hidden, familiar thing that has undergone repression and then emerged from it.”
– Mike Kelly THE UNCANNY

The body experience, the uncanny can come about as a shiver,
a discomfort both physical or psychologically associated with sensation on skin. These bodily fragments although touching are taken from the same sitter, repeated, in reality unable to inhabit the same space the reproductions in warm/cold/clashing bruised tones, are only artificially reacting to each other.

In Pursuit of the Visually Tactile 1, 2 & 3
oil, acrylic, resin, metal screws on MDf and pine
1200mm x 800mm each
(#2 Sold.)


  • These works were featured in the 2011 Launch Event for design studio KISH + CO
  • The first painting shown above was also selected as a regional finalist in the 2012 Cliftons Art Prize in Melbourne.
  • The third painting was shown in the 2011 exhibition ‘Counterfeits: the end/the beginning’ at Switchback Gallery Churchill, VIC.
  • The first and third painting was shown in Liz Gridley’s solo show at ArcYinnar 2012 ‘Tactile perceptions: experimenting with flesh’

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